Kingswood Shetlands and Friends


Kingswood, Surrey, UK


Animal Welfare Manager and Animal Assisted Therapist

Rhianna's Biography

Qualified – Cache level 2 working with children and young  with mental Health  and also an Equine Facilitated Practioner.

Rhianna has followed in her Mum’s footsteps and shares her passion for helping others. Rhianna has extensive knowledge of equines and has achieved her level 3 in Equine and Animal management with a distinction. She was in training to be a jockey but an accident stopped her achieving her passion in riding race horses. Rhianna has managed many professional yards to a high standard and animal welfare is a big passion of hers. She makes sure our animals are kept healthy and exercised. She went on to qualify as a football coach and has worked with all ages and levels including SEN. She took her animal assisted therapy exam and again passed with distinction.



Rhianna is amazing working 1-1 with young people offering animal therapy intervention and builds a true bond with the individuals and helps them overcome and achieve their life goals.