Kingswood Shetlands and Friends


Kingswood, Surrey, UK

Terms and conditions

Health & Safety

It is essential that all children intending to pet, groom, or ride a pony, wear suitable footwear such as boots or sturdy shoes with a small heel. Under no circumstances should footwear such as sandals, ballet pumps, flip-flops or open-toed shoes be worn.

If you have chosen to include a pony ride then we will provide all necessary safety equipment including BS Standard approved riding hats.

Children should be supervised by a parent or carer at all times and should remain quiet and calm so as not to startle the ponies. It is the responsibility of the host to ensure you have enough adults to help with supervision.

Please ensure that the party area is clear from garden toys, equipment and clutter.

We will advise of any possible hazards in our risk assessment.

Dogs and other pets must be shut away at all times during our visit.

Should you have any concerns, please raise these with us on your initial enquiry.

Payment Terms

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required at confirmation of the booking.

The balance of the fee will become due 14 days before the event.

Please make payment by online bank transfer. Details will be found on your invoice.

Risk Assessments

Bookings will be regarded as provisional until we have carried out a Risk Assessment for the proposed venue and the deposit has been received.

It is a requirement that we attend the venue before confirming a booking to assess access, suitability and to undertake a site specific risk assessment.

Cancellation, Postponement and Abandonment

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel due to circumstances beyond our control, you will have the option to reschedule or have the payment refunded (this clause does not apply to bad weather, see below).

This is an outdoor event and as such, it can be adversely affected by the weather. In the event of heavy rain or high winds, unless your venue has a marquee, a barn or some other suitable form of cover, we would not be able to attend for safety and functional reasons. In this case we would offer to reschedule the event or offer you a refund less the deposit.

Verbal or physical abuse of any kind to any pony or member of staff of Kingswood Pony Parties will result in the immediate termination of the event. We reserve the right to abandon the event at any time, without refund, if the ponies become distressed or agitated or if the ponies are maltreated in any way. If instructions from our staff are not adhered to by the children or the adults, or we feel it would be unsafe for us to continue with the service.


If a suitable moment arises we may take photographs which we may put on our website or social media sites. Please let us know if you do not give permission for us to use the photographs in this way.