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Do I have a Happy Bunny?

Do I have a Happy Rabbit?

As with any small animal, rabbits require plenty of care and attention from their owners to keep them happy and healthy.

This starts with a good diet (fibre-packed) to being vigilant with their well-being.

Here are some quick tips from us on how to tell if your Bunny is under the weather.

Make sure they exercise regularly.

Rabbits need daily exercise. this is especially true if you have house rabbits. You should let them out of their cage and allow them to explore your home at regular intervals.

Feed them a healthy, well-balanced diet

Feeding your rabbits a healthy and suitable diet is essential to their overall health and wellbeing. They have delicate digestive systems which can be upset by the smallest change in diet or an unsuitable food, which is why you need to be strict with what you give them.

Keep an eye on their general health

Rabbits can be quite delicate animals that are easily susceptible to illness if they’re not cared for properly. You need to keep them clean and check them regularly for signs of illness and injury. As well as taking them to the vet once a year for a general check-up and to keep them up to date with their vaccinations,



Get Ready For #GivingTuesday 2022

Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving

Giving Tuesday is a day where everyone, everywhere can do something to support the good causes that mean so much to them.

You can volunteer your time; donate money; share your skills; campaign for something; donate goods, food, or clothes; organise a community event such as a street or park clean-up or a coffee morning. The list really is endless.

It is a day to give back by supporting a cause close to your heart or doing something good for your local community or someone in need.

Tuesday 29th November 2022 - What will YOU do?

Giving Tuesday is celebrated on the Tuesday following the well-known shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The UK will celebrate it on 29 November 2022.

A day when people everywhere come together to do something to support the causes and communities that mean so much to us all.

So, what will you do?

You could join the millions of people doing something on Giving Tuesday to support their favourite cause. You can donate money, volunteer your time, campaign for something you believe in, organise a fundraising event, share your skills, arrange a donation drive at your school, workplace, or among your friends… the list really is endless.

Stay posted – We will be doing something special for Giving Tuesday!

– The Kingswood Shetland Volunters


A Post From Rhianna

Kingswood Shetlands have built ourselves up from a small family run business to now having multiple animals and in need of a bigger base to expand our much needed services.