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Do I have a Happy Bunny?

Do I have a Happy Rabbit?

As with any small animal, rabbits require plenty of care and attention from their owners to keep them happy and healthy.

This starts with a good diet (fibre-packed) to being vigilant with their well-being.

Here are some quick tips from us on how to tell if your Bunny is under the weather.

Make sure they exercise regularly.

Rabbits need daily exercise. this is especially true if you have house rabbits. You should let them out of their cage and allow them to explore your home at regular intervals.

Feed them a healthy, well-balanced diet

Feeding your rabbits a healthy and suitable diet is essential to their overall health and wellbeing. They have delicate digestive systems which can be upset by the smallest change in diet or an unsuitable food, which is why you need to be strict with what you give them.

Keep an eye on their general health

Rabbits can be quite delicate animals that are easily susceptible to illness if they’re not cared for properly. You need to keep them clean and check them regularly for signs of illness and injury. As well as taking them to the vet once a year for a general check-up and to keep them up to date with their vaccinations,


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