Kingswood Shetlands and Friends


Kingswood, Surrey, UK

A Post From Rhianna

Kingswood Shetlands have built ourselves up from a small family run business to now having multiple animals and in need of a bigger base to expand our much needed services. The focus is on supporting and building the children and young adults to achieve the set targets and goals whilst working with the animals in a therapeutic manor. The individuals that attend our sessions are often very anxious, and may have not accessed any education or provision for an amount of time.

When young people start to enjoy what they are doing and feel safe within an environment they start to believe in themselves and their confidence blossoms! Whilst attending our sessions the children become more independent, build characters,  gain social and interaction skills and achieve their own targets that they have set themselves. Through the animals the young people start to express their feelings and emotions therefor progressing them onto a further learning curve. Animal therapy has been proven to divert attention away from stressful situations and make people feel safe and calm. We also offer group sessions along with 1-1 when we feel the individual is confident enough to work as a team.

With mental health and the well being of children making such a big impact on young peoples lives we are in need of expanding to a bigger premise and refrain from having to turn people away that need our service. We are asking for this funding to support us in opening another ongoing base and the expansion of Kingswood Shetlands & Friends to allow us to keep supporting the local community. We involve the community through voluntary opportunities including DOfe, locals colleges or to bring well being to community people.

We have found a perfect location to be able to continue what we do and to expand but we need YOUR help.


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